Members pick out weekly shares from all the farm has to offer throughout the season, early April to Thanksgiving.  Our co-op philosophy of “free choice” and "rolling credit" allows members maximum satisfaction, flexibility and value in exchange for their commitment to the farm.


In addition to a wide variety of vegetables and some fruits, the co-op will feature various meat, including chicken, pork, beef, lamb and turkey, as well as honey, baked goods, eggs, mushrooms, and more!


You choose the items that make up your share each time you pick up. You can take more of what you love and leave for others what you don’t.


Your membership buys you a certain number of spending points, and you can spend them whenever you’d like. This means if it is inconvenient for you to show one week, you won’t lose out.


Our way of thanking you for partnering with us is to offer you all the farm produces at a lower cost than you would pay for it at the farmer’s market. The higher the membership you have, the better the value you get.



1) Come to the farm on Wednesdays any time between 8AM and 8PM to select from all that's fresh from the fields that week. 

2) Use your points at the Farmer's Markets: 

Cumberland Downtown Mall / Thursday / 9:30-1

Frostburg City Place / Friday / 9:30-1

Ligonier / Saturday / 8 - 12

Berkeley Springs, WV / Sunday / 10-2

Select from fresh Savage Mountain Farm vegetables, eggs, and baked goods...and check out what your other local farmers have to offer at these weekly Farmer's Markets!

3) Place an order online and have it delivered to your home on Thursdays! Simply click here or on the buttons below to make your choices!

We offer three different levels of membership for you to choose from based on your needs. Look over this chart to understand how much you save by being a member, and the relative value of each size share. Remember, the co-op runs from early April through Thanksgiving, so a full membership would come out to about $12.50 per week over the 32-week season. Ask yourself how much you would typically spend on groceries over an eight-month period to determine which level of membership is right for you.

Membership Level TRIAL FULL FAMILY
Cost $250 $400 $600
Value $260 $420 $636
Bonus % 4% 5% 6%

We feel strongly that quality healthy food should not be reserved only for those who can afford it. Contact us for info on low-income and work-shares.