What's Kombucha?

...and why should you try it?

Kombucha is a sugar-sweetened fermented tea. It's slightly fizzy, with a bit of a vinegar kick. We make it here at the farm and offer it occasionally at the CSA.

Every batch of kombucha is unique. Like a sourdough bread, the tea sits at room temperature and absorbs bacteria from the air, which leads to fermentation. These living bacterial cultures are beneficial - it's generally believed that kombucha aids in digestion, supports the immune system, and acts as a detoxifier.

Ours is milder than some commercial brands I've tried (you can find it at some health food markets, but it's not cheap). If you find the taste too strong to enjoy plain, try mixing it with half fruit juice, soda water, or lemonade for a refreshing beverage that's healthier than soda.